"Even health professionals like me need help!"

Michelle | Health Education

Michelle's story

“Body Smart has been the best investment I’ve ever made for myself. I’ve physically changed but I’m so much prouder of the mental changes and sustainable strategies I now have around my nutrition,” said Michelle.

“Before Body Smart, life was all or nothing. 3 months of exercising daily and losing some weight, followed by 6 months of no exercise, eating whatever I wanted and weight gain. It was a vicious cycle.”

“Being in health education, I didn’t need to start from scratch; the pieces in my brain were all there, they just weren’t connecting. I liked the science-based approach of Body Smart and the idea of #CutTheBS so I applied, got on a call and signed up.”

Michelle was paired with coach Brooke who said, “Michelle is a GEM! Because of her background in public health, it was important for her to lose weight in a healthy way while remembering to love her body at every stage. Before Body Smart she was running A LOT (something she discovered recently that she doesn’t even enjoy) and now she’s found a workout routine that she loves and is sustainable for her. I’m excited to continue to coach her through the next stage of reverse dieting, increasing her calories, and eventually maintain!!”

Michelle added, “The mindset shifts have been life-changing. I finally feel like I have a sustainable way to incorporate exercise regularly and all of the foods I love.”

“I’ve grown a lot, but also the accountability portion was huge and coach Brooke is incredible! She always knew the right things to say to help me view things in a different light.”

When asked what advice she’d give others, Michelle said, “I thought about joining Body Smart for about 6 months, and I’m kicking myself for having waited that long.”

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