28th December 2023

Goal Setting that actually works: Tapping into identity & motivation to make your goals a reality! | Ep 58

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About the podcast

60% of people do not stick with their New Years resolutions. So its time to take a different approach! Jaymie and Stacey walk you through the foundations of setting goals (rather than resolutions!) and how to actually make them happen 👊

🤯 Why LESS ambitious goals may actually be better than shooting for the stars
📝 Practical tips to make it more likely you’ll achieve your goals
💗 How to find your true motivation & tap into this to stick at your resolutions!
🧠 Why goal setting is not a one-and-done exercise
📆 The importance of setting realistic expectations & very clear actions

You might want a pen and paper to listen along with this episode, as we walk you through the exact steps to take to make this year’s goals a reality 💪

If you’re a busy woman aged 30+ and want to…

✅ Lose 30-60lbs (14-27kg) in under 6 months📉
✅ Develop lifelong healthy habits & skills to make it easy 🙌
✅ Rebuild your confidence & self-esteem and feel like you again 💁‍♀️

We guarantee we can help you achieve your goals – Results that blow you away in 30 days or your money back 👊

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