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Prepare for the call

We look forward to speaking with you during your scheduled appointment time! Please be in a quiet spot where we can speak about your struggles and goals.

We will not take calls where you’re on the go or can’t devote your full attention. This is important, please treat it that way.

If you feel we’re a good fit and we can help you, please be ready to come on board. We will answer any and all questions you may have.

  • Make a note of your breakthrough call time and set a reminder
  • Ensure you’re in a quiet space to be able to take the call and speak freely
  • If you’d like anyone else on the call with you make sure they’re available
  • Please watch the videos below before the call
  • Make any notes of questions you may have and be sure to ask on the call
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Watch these videos before your call

The Next Steps (2 min video)

Find out what the next steps are to get started on your Body Smart journey and one step closer to achieving your dream body and life.

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The 3 Phases of Fat Loss (2 min video)

There is more to a successful weight loss journey than just losing weight.

The reverse diet phase and the sustain and maintain phase are just as important as the fat loss phase, yet rarely spoken about.

We want you to lose weight, but more importantly, sustain it for life!

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Read the Body Smart Overview

Read about Body Smart, our life-changing coaching and our incredible coaching team ahead of your breakthrough call.

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Bodysmart Fitness
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Body Smart Coaching?

Body Smart coaching is our award-winning one-to-one online fitness, nutrition and mindset coaching program to help you lose weight and keep it off for the rest of your life.

Your personal Body Smart coach will guide you through our proven, levels-based Body Smart Method to reach your goals and develop the skills, knowledge and habits that will keep you healthy for the rest of your life.

You’ll graduate understanding how to eat and train for the body you want, within the realities of your unique lifestyle. You’ll improve your relationship with food, cultivate a growth mindset and develop your self-confidence!

What makes you different to other weight loss plans?

First up, this is not a plan, this is coaching. You and your coach will develop an honest and open two-way relationship to allow them to help you with powerful mix of fitness, nutrition and mindset knowledge and tools.

We keep you accountable, educate you on the right strategies for your personal set of circumstances, and we challenge the way you think – in a really powerful way!

We know that for sustainable weight loss, your plan must fit into your real life and our personalised approach allows us to do just that. Whilst your coach will always push you to reach your potential, its done in a way that keeps you healthy and at a pace that feels good to you.

In addition to your 1:1 connection with your Body Smart coach, we’ll also invite you to our Body Smart community of like-minded women who will cheer you on to achieve your goals. You also have access to other Body Smart coaches through group coaching calls, webinars and live Q&As.

Imagine us as your life and health coaches in your pocket! You have a lot of access to us and our expertise throughout your coaching journey. 
We We offer our services online and use technology to stay connected with you so that you can fit in our coaching around your busy life, job and commitments.

What do you get as a Body Smart Member?

  • Initial in-depth video call with your coach to establish goals, action steps and your deeper meaningful reasons for wanting results
  • Text, video and voice note messaging with your Body Smart coach throughout the week – usually via WhatsApp
  • Weekly check-in with your coach to keep you accountable and make appropriate tweaks to your plans
  • A fitness plan personalised to your abilities and goals –  for gym or home, regularly refreshed to keep you challenged and keep your results coming!
  • Access to our Body Smart learning zone to guide you through the knowledge, skills and behaviours of the Body Smart Method… all the way to graduation!
  • Profile on the Body Smart app where you will track your workouts, habits, progress and receive community updates
  • Regular feedback on your exercise technique for better results and injury prevention
  • Community support and friendships in the amazing Body Smart Coaching Community group and whatsapp chats
  • Weekly roundtable group coaching discussion on a variety of topics to ensure you develop the knowledge to change your habits for life
  • Weekly live Q+A sessions within the community group

Recipes and meal inspiration to help you enjoy hitting your nutrition goals!

Do you provide meal plans?

We believe that for long-term success in weight loss and weight management, it’s important that you gain the knowledge and skills around how to fuel your individual body. You also need to be able to enjoy life! Meals out and family celebrations often don’t fit into prescribed meal plans and can falsely make you feel you’re “going off track”.

This is why we don’t provide meal plans. Instead, we teach you the principles of nutrition and flexible dieting. Your coach will help you learn:

  • What your body needs to lose weight and feel energised
  • How to create your own “diet plan” based on foods you regularly eat and enjoy
  • How to incorporate social events and still get results.

To help you along the way, we do offer recipe ideas and encourage the Body Smart community to share what they’re cooking. This acts as motivation and inspiration to try new foods and recipes.

By taking this approach, you are continuously educating yourself about food, calories, macro/micronutrients and how these all connect. This knowledge enables you to have complete control and freedom over your diet for the rest of your life!

How long is the program?

Your initial commitment is four months. This is to ensure you stick with us long enough to see results and develop the knowledge, skills and habits that lead to lasting success!\

After this initial period, you are not tied into any long-term contract. However, the vast majority of clients choose to extend their time with us, to achieve even more of their health and fitness goals, deepen their knowledge and ultimately become a Body Smart Graduate!

Is there an age restriction?

Yes, we only work with women aged 30+

I have a health condition, can you still coach me?

Absolutely. Provided you have a doctor’s sign off we can work with your care team to ensure your plan is appropriate for your condition.

We have extensive experience working with women who have Type 2 diabetes, Hypothyroidism, PCOS and more.

Do you coach pregnant or breastfeeding women?

Yes!! Many of our coaches are pre and post-natal certified so you’re in great hands to have the healthiest pregnancy possible and get strong and lean afterwards.

Please note, we will only work on weight loss during pregnancy with specific medical direction recommending this course of action.

Do you cater for dietary requirements?

Absolutely, because this is not a cookie-cutter plan we can cater for pretty much every dietary requirement or preference. Vegans, veggies, coeliacs have all achieved great results with our Body Smart Method!

How certified are your coaches?

All our coaches are fully certified and insured personal trainers and also hold an industry-recognised nutrition certification. In addition to this, each coach has different backgrounds, experience and specialist qualifications that they bring to the rich array of Body Smart coaching.

How do you allocate my coach?

On your breakthrough call, we spend time getting to know you as a person; we want to understand your goals, your challenges and your expectations. Based on this, your breakthrough coach will allocate the perfect coach to understand you and your individual circumstances and of course – help you reach your goals!

If you already follow some of our coaches and you have a preference, please let us know. Although we cannot guarantee that your coach of choice will have availability, we will do our best to pair you with them or a coach who shares a similar approach or personality!

How will I contact my coach?

You have access to your coach throughout your journey, to help you with any questions or queries you may have. As well as your scheduled catch-ups via your weekly check-in, it’s really easy to contact your coach Mon – Fri on WhatsApp. They will get back to you within 24-36 hours, depending on time zones.

As a fully remote service, how does my coach know what I'm doing?

Your Body Smart App is the hub for you to log your workouts, food intake, progress measurements and habit completion. Don’t worry, the Body Smart app is very easy to use and this is a simple task!

Keeping your app up to date will allow your coach to see your progress and see how you’re getting on with the programme day to day.

It may sound like you’ll be tracking a lot! But as well as this keeping you mindful, it gives your coach the ability to see a full picture of your progress, understand what is happening, diagnose any potential issues and adjust your plan accordingly.

Of course, this is dependent on your full and honest recording of your daily actions, which is your side of the deal 😉

How will I measure my progress?

We know that the scale doesn’t tell the full story so we use three main metrics to measure your progress:

– Weight
– Measurements
– Photos

These will all be recorded inside the Body Smart app and will never be accessed or shared by anyone other than your coach without your permission.

Using multiple methods is much more reflective of your true progress, rather than relying on just one measure (usually weight). This “full picture” enables us to see if you’re progressing at the expected rate and to make any changes to your training or nutrition plan if necessary.

Changing your mindset and developing a more positive outlook is the best part of our coaching, and we want to make sure you’re feeling good. So, other measurements of progress we focus on include:

Exercise performance
Stress management
Sleep duration and quality
Mindset shifts
Education and knowledge development
Practical application of knowledge gained
Relationship with food
Inner confidence

Do you need a gym membership?

Not at all! We develop training plans that are suitable for your lifestyle and needs. Whether that be a gym, home, outdoors, in a hotel bedroom – you name it, we can accommodate any situation.

Head over to  to read many success stories where our clients did not go to the gym and worked out at home or throughout their extensive travels.

Do I need to have training experience?

No! There is no prior training experience required and you don’t need a baseline level of fitness to start. Your coach will meet you where you’re at and gradually build your activity up – many clients start with simply walking more!

It does not matter if you have never done resistance training before or even exercised before. Your coach is here to make sure you feel confident with a  plan that is suitable for your needs and regular feedback on your exercise form.

Remember, this is what makes us different. We work hard to tailor everything we do with you to your unique lifestyle, goals and personal challenges.

What if I don't know how to do the exercises?

We have a huge library of carefully explained training videos, so you’ll easily be able to watch “how to” videos within the Body Smart App for every workout your coach assigns you.

Your coach will only assign experience-approriate exercises for you to complete, and will happily adjust your programme if a move feels to complex or challenging at this point in time.

They will also request regular videos of you working out so they can check your form and advise you how to improve or progress. One of the criteria to graduate from The Body Smart Method is to be able to confidently and effectively perform the core resistance training exercises. So you can rest assured that given time, you will know how to do these exercises and even better you’ll feel great doing them!

All done

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