Join the Outreach Team

Does this sound like you?…

  • You work 9-5 and are used to the daily grind
  • You’ve never really had a work/life balance
  • It’s hard to take time off
  • You’re overworked and struggle to switch off
  • You sometimes worry you’re not investing your time in a fulfilling industry
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You reach a point…

Where you either continue doing it ALL or you outsource.

Which costs you initial time to train freelancers, money to pay them and sometimes it can feel difficult to delegate.

What if there was another way? 😀

Join the Outreach Team with Body Smart

You can join us as an Outreach Messenger where you would:

  • Spend your time connecting with women from all over the world
  • Have the ability to work flexible shift hours
  • Help individuals move one step closer to finding results for the final time
  • All while being fully immersed in a culture of health, fitness, & food freedom

What we are looking for

  • Willing to learn proven systems for success and values professional growth
  • Available to attend short online team meetings (which are super fun!)
  • A persuasive communicator and loves communicating and connecting with others
  • Social media savvy and performs best when thinking on your feet
  • Loves the idea of a flexible work schedule and believes in a healthy work/life balance
  • Cultured and has experience in the health and fitness industry 
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The Perks 🌟

  • Flexible work schedule (no more 9-5!)
  • Commission for your sales made
  • Work with like minded individuals who are passionate about health and fitness
  • Constant investment into ongoing personal development including paid certifications such as Precision Nutrition
  • Team meetups and holidays (paid for by Body Smart!)
  • Paid time off
  • Exciting career progression and part of a global movement!

Body Smart Values 🤲

  • Sustainability – is our passion and the overall goal with each client’s long term health, fitness and well-being
  • Education – is centred around evidence-based practices and delivered professionally by qualified coaches
  • Communication – is honest and open where clients and coaches listen and feel heard
  • Results – take time, patience and consistency. We are committed to getting the best out of people
  • Empathy & Compassion – for our clients is at the heart of our client-centred coaching
  • Trust – is the foundation of every great coaching relationship

🤩 Do you share our values?
💯 Believe in facts not fads?
🧠 Committed to science and psychology backed methods?
💩 Ready to help women all over the world #CutTheBS and achieve fat loss for the final time?

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Frequently Asked Questions 🙋‍♂️

💬 Will I work at the same time every day?

No! Some days you may work 6 am-1 pm while other days you could work 12 pm-7 pm. It just depends! You will be able to coordinate with your upline and they will help create a schedule that works for you and the rest of the team. We love flexible schedules!

⏰ What would my hours be?

Variant on position.

🏝  Can I go on holiday?

We WANT you to go on holiday! So many of our employees come to us having struggled to take time off due to either working for themselves or their other jobs that are constrained around time off.  We have systems in place to ensure you get time off!

We will also TAKE you on a team vacation! We are so passionate about the culture and team that we make sure to plan team holidays. We also host UK social and work meet-ups that you would be invited to.

📲 What does it mean to be an Outreach Messenger?

You can think of an Outreach Messenger as a lead generation specialist. You will be logged into the Body Smart Fitness Instagram where you will spend the majority of your hours messaging women who are looking for help reaching their health/fitness goals. Body Smart Fitness offers 1:1 very tailored coaching. As an Outreach Messenger you can expect to speak to several women from all over the world about their goals and how our team of expert coaches can help them find results for the final time!


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