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See what women like you have achieved with our coaching


Has more energy and confidence and says she can now see what her husband has always seen in her


Dropped an incredible 96lbs which allowed her to get pregnant and have a healthy baby boy


Super toned her muscles she never knew she had and totally changed her relationship with the scales


A busy nurse working 12 hours shifts, she’s gained tons of energy, revitalised her confidence and can now fit into her old clothes again


Had a brilliant pregnancy with her first child after achieving a strong, fit and healthy body


Completely changed her body shape, fit into her old clothes again and felt fantastic


Here's what the challenge is all about...

Does this sound like you?

Stuck in the same, ineffective workout routine?

Struggle with emotional eating?

Fed up of everyone telling you the latest diet you should follow to get results?

Struggle to make sense of the vast amount of information about diet and exercise out there?

Label food good/bad and hate the pressure that comes with eating/drinking in social situations?

Lack time and lack motivation when starting an exercise regime?

After the challenge, you'll:

About the challenge

The Body Smart Fitness 28 Day Challenge has the potential to change your life!

If you are absolutely sick and tired of restricting foods, feeling like you’re starving yourself to get results, getting nowhere with your training and just feeling so damn overwhelmed with all the diet info out there – this is for YOU!

At Body Smart Fitness we have coached women from all over the world. We’ve helped them change their mindset, their relationship with food and the way they move their bodies to emerge as the best version of themselves.

The 28 Day Challenge will give you direct access to our famous strategies that you can truly follow FOR LIFE.

This powerful month long group coaching programme will see you reach your short term goals alongside a tribe of likeminded ladies. The group format is a supportive, safe and positive environment for you to soak up our knowledge, put new habits into action and celebrate every win along the way.

What are you waiting for? The price this month is a STEAL and you’ll regret getting access to the group at this low cost. Sign up now, make a promise and commitment to yourself right now. We are ready to coach you, educate you and support you to make huge positive changes in your life, in one short month.


Here's what you get...

A Proven Fitness Formula

No need to spend hours in the gym. We take away the guesswork out of exercising and nutrition. Whether you’re working shifts, don’t have access to a gym or have commitments at home, we will create the solution for you to get the results you desire.

Goal specific home / outdoor training plans

No generic cookie cutter plans here. We will give you a workout plan based off your needs. That could be at home or outdoors. Beginner, intermediate, advanced, and whether you want to lose weight, tone up, get stronger or get fitter.

Nutritional BLUEPRINT

We give you the blueprint and guide you to build a diet so it fits for life. Your nutrition has to work with your lifestyle whilst aligning with your goal. Get in the best shape of your life whilst still enjoying the food you love. There are ZERO food restrictions – nothing is off limits.

Your own personal coach

Direct access to your own coach throughout the challenge.

access to the body smart app

A small but very effective part of your journey. A powerful tool to access all your personalised workouts (all with video tutorials), and track your continued progress, on the go, 24/7, anywhere in the world.

weekly check-ins with your coach

This is a time to reflect with your coach on the past week, highlighting what you are winning at and what you need to improve on to keep moving forward. You get lazer focused on the actions needed for ultimate success.

access to learning zone

A library and powerful resource, full of videos and graphics to enhance your knowledge on nutrition, exercise and mindset. Applied knowledge is vital to build confidence in what you’re doing to be able to take control of your health and fitness.

members only community

An active community of kick-ass, like-minded women from around the globe, who are all on similar journeys to yourself. Everyone is there to support and encourage each other and celebrate wins together.

live q&a videos

A chance to ask any questions you want regarding food, fitness and mindset. A coach will be there to enhance your knowledge and give you the confidence to keep moving in the right direction.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...


About Us

I’m Jaymie and this is Jim we set up our online coaching company Body Smart Fitness in 2016. Stacey joined us in 2018 and Toni joined us in 2019.

And we’re DONE with all the nonsense out there.

Yes, you really CAN transform your body and mind in just 28 days. But it has nothing to do with the latest “celebrity diet” or “fat-incinerating pills”.

The truth is, you don’t need ANY pills, traditional diets, or tricks to get fast results. You only need the right support and an effective plan that works for you and your busy lifestyle.

We have over 40 years combined experience and coached thousands of busy women like yourself to get unbelievable results with not only their bodies, but their mindset towards food and fitness as well.

This combination of food, fitness and mindset coaching allows you to achieve incredible results and maintain them for the rest of your life!

The challenge timeline

Hear what our past challengers have to say about the challenge

"These guys have completely transformed my mindset and I wish I'd come across them sooner."

"I've never been so in control of food and that's changed my life massively."

"I have more knowledge than I've ever had and I know going forward that even when I mess up I can get myself back on track."

"You can eat the things you love guilt free!!! This has changed the way I view food and exercise."

"I like my reflection in the mirror, love that I can fit into my lovely clothes again and feel confident, happy and good in myself."


Why us

This is not your generic exercise and meal plan programme – we are coaches. We delve much deeper into the strategies and techniques that you can use to help you create a stronger, leaner body, an unshakeable mindset, and your own diet where you’ll have complete freedom and control for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!

Our fitness formula has enabled women all around the world to achieve amazing success in their health and fitness which cascades positively into other areas of their life, such as relationships (professional and personal), career and personal development. If you are committed to make a change, learn the fundamentals and build on strong habits, you will become one of these women too!

The challenge that changes lives

Meet the team


• Our proven fitness formula

• Personalised training plan

• Body Smart nutrition blueprint bespoke to you

• Access to the Body Smart app

• Inclusion in Body Smart Challenge Facebook group

• Weekly Q&A live sessions

• Access to the learning zone full of educational videos

• A free consultation call if you successfully complete the challenge

No problem! We will recommend some products to buy that will serve you well but either way, we’ll personalise design your programme based off what equipment (or lack thereof) that you have.

No prior training experience required. We cater for all different levels of expertise and experience and will develop a plan that is suitable for your needs.

Depending on the extent on the injury, we can alter your training plan to align with your injury so you can still enjoy a successful workout regime without it hindering your progress.

The Body Smart app has full video explanations on how to perform each exercise in your programme.

This challenge starts on 13/01/20 and lasts for 4 weeks.

Once you’ve successfully completed the challenge you’ll have an opportunity to have a free consultation call to understand the best pathway moving forward.

Results will vary from person to person depending on your current fitness levels, lifestyle and how much you can commit to.

However, if you follow our blueprint & take consistent action, results are guaranteed.

Yes. This is to create a community of like-minded women who are all on similar health and fitness journeys.

Our Promise To You

We are so confident in getting you results that in the first month, if you adopt the principles and implement them into your life and see no results, we will guarantee you your money back.

Our Promise To You

We are so confident in getting you results that in the first month, if you adopt the principles and implement them into your life and see no results, we will guarantee you your money back.



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