The Weekly Rollercoaster...

The Weekly Rollercoaster...

…And the first step you must take to get off of it.

Hey, Jim here.

It's one of the most frustrating aspects about "dieting".

One week you're 'crushing it'…

…the next week you're hanging on for dear life.

The ups and downs and unpredictability make it hard to set and see your personal goals because you're never quite sure what you are doing and most of the time just guessing.

It makes it hard to enjoy the good weeks because you know in the back of your mind the bad ones are just right around the corner. You almost anticipate it.

And it makes the bad weeks difficult to enjoy ANYTHING because you're so preoccupied trying to figure out how you're going to rectify it and sometimes even contemplating whether it is all worth it.

That's no way to live.

At least NOT for me.

I know it's not sexy on the surface…

…But there's something "hot" about having a sustainable diet I can rely on.

BUT before you can even attempt to consider the different strategies to stabilise your diet for predictable results - there's one thing you MUST do.

SHIFT YOUR FOCUS from "Quick" to "Strong".

See, the reason most people get caught up in the "quick fix" is that they are trying to get the fastest result possible - they were never focused on building a strong and sustainable solution to get results for life.

Let me give you an example;

How many people do you see waiting until they're 3 weeks away from going on vacation to try to lose 21 lbs?

These are typically the same people that hop on ridiculous crash diet programs and "quick-fix" solutions that never work long term.

If they would've only been focused on the sustainable solution, they would never have to toss up hail-mary's and starve themselves to look and feel the way they want.

But as we keep saying - it begins with them shifting the way they look at their diet and fitness.

If all they do is try to lose as much weight as possible when they get sick of looking the way they do, they'll never look and feel the way they want for any longer than a couple of days.

It may be the same in your diet and fitness.

If you wait till your confidence is rock bottom and desperation sets in to start making a change, you'll constantly consider the fastest (not the best and certainly not the most ethical) way out.

But if you just focused on building something strong and sustainable ONE TIME…and it fits seamlessly into your lifestyle…then you wouldn't have to do the constant searching and snatching at poor quick fixes that only deliver shitty non-sustainable results….

…you wouldn't have to worry about going on a "diet", or not seeing the results for your efforts, investing in a million and one different strategies.

Take our client, Nicole, as an example.

She has more freedom in her diet then she ever had and understands it.

ONLY because she chose to stop looking at the "crash diet" and finally implemented a STRONG and STABLE solution.

It's not rocket science or anything.

You just need to decide whether or not you want to make the change to a simple sustainable solution like Nicole did…or if you want to stay on the rollercoaster of the quick fix, give more effort and take less result, stress out and deal with ups and downs of inconsistent weight fluctuations.

If you're looking for strength and stability in your diet…

…reach out and let's look at your personal health and fitness goals and whether or not it would make sense for us to work together building a sustainable solution.

You can reach out to me here =>

Rooting for you,

Jim, Jaymie and the Body Smart Fitness Team

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