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Here’s What Busy Women Just Like You Have Achieved From Our Coaching…


Has more energy and confidence and says she can now see what her husband has always seen in her


Dropped an incredible 96lbs which allowed her to get pregnant and have a healthy baby boy


Super toned her muscles she never knew she had and totally changed her relationship with the scales


Mum and busy teacher, she has dropped over 50lbs of body fat and has never felt better


Had a brilliant pregnancy with her first child after achieving a strong, fit and healthy body


Completely changed her body shape, fit into her old clothes again and felt fantastic

What Is Included In The 28 Day Challenge?

A Proven Fitness Formula

NO you don’t need to spend hours in the gym. We know that you don’t have a lot of spare time, which is why we are taking he guesswork out of exercising. Our fitness formula has been used by hundreds of women all over the world. Some work round the clock, some don’t have access to the gym, some have commitments at home with loved ones but they all STILL manage to get results.

A Workout Regime That Takes No Time At All

We’ll put you on a simple workout regime that’ll fit around your busy life – guaranteed. Give us as little as 30 minutes, 3 times per week…and we’ll coach you to a stronger, leaner you with a gym membership or not.  

Work out anywhere, anytime. Fit it in when you can. No excuses 

Flexible Diet

We educate and guide you so you make your own food choices in alignment with your goal and lifestyle. We won’t give you a set meal plan to follow like the bland chicken, broccoli and rice diet because you won’t want to do this for the rest of your life! 

Want to eat pizza? No problem! Got a few nights out planned with the girls? Great! Let us show you how to make it all fit.

Your Own Personal Coach

You’ll have direct 1 to 1 access to your coach via the Body Smart app. This level of in-depth personal coaching will go far beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before. We’ll craft a unique, tailored plan for you with clear steps to overcome your challenges and crush your goals. 

And yes, your coach is a real human not a computer! One of us will personally take you under our wing and support you.

Access To The Body Smart App

Our clients LOVE the Body Smart app. This powerful piece of tech is always in your hands. 

You’ll get your workout regime and nutritional blueprint uploaded directly to your app. The app allows you to track and measure your results, making sure that you’re on target for your fitness goals. 

(This also allows us to provide you with a much more personalised coaching approach based on the tracked data from within the app.)

Live Q&A Videos

In these weekly events, we’ll be hopping on a Facebook live to answer all the questions that you’ve asked so you can keep progressing forward. We’ll give you tangible advice to implement.  

✅ We’ll develop strategies to help you overcome your struggles and progress towards your goals.
✅ We’ll craft ideas for how you can speed up the process and hit your goals in the most effective possible time.
✅ We’ll give you a boost of motivation to keep you on the path towards success.

A New Operating System

Have you ever hit CTRL, ALT & DELETE on your computer to reboot your operating system? Well think of the challenge as your own personal reboot. As part of this challenge, you’ll be able to hit the reset and reboot button through daily objectives. We also ask you to complete a weekly check-in to stay accountable. This helps us make sure that you’re sticking to the proven pathway we created specifically for busy women; plugging your life with a new operating system that puts your health, energy, motivation, training, and well-being above all else. 

This will make sure that you not only get life-changing results but actually maintain them long-term (for perhaps the first time ever…)

A Community Experience

Your fellow challengers are like you; busy but ready to smash their fitness goals. Each member of our coaching community will be there to motivate and support you to dominate your daily schedule, have more clarity and control over your health and fitness, and build a body you desire. 

This is important: 

You won’t be doing this coaching challenge alone.

You’ll be doing this coaching challenge side by side with a community of other women just like you. Our private Facebook group is a safe space to connect and share both your struggles and successes throughout this transformative process. 


Every single busy woman in this challenge wants to be better. Every single woman in this challenge feels ‘time poor’. 

But by surrounding yourself with other driven women who are all looking to make a change (despite life being hectic) acts as the perfect motivation and shortcut to reaching your fitness goals.

Fitness And
Mindset Mastery

We’ve spent over 20 years as personal trainers and coaches and believe in investing in your own development which is why we’ve personally invested over £100,000 in our own personal and continued professional development. 

Our education, skills and knowledge is truly life changing. Which is why in this challenge we’ve pulled together the very best lessons and tricks we’ve learned along the way to help you master training, nutrition and laser-focused way of thinking.

By the end of this challenge, you’ll know exactly what to eat and how to train to achieve your fitness goals; 

Whether that be a leaner waist line, better relationship with food, increased confidence or simply seeing tangible results for your efforts.  

You’ll also be equipped with a powerful positive mindset and feel much happier.

Listen to what past challengers have to say about their experiences with the challenge

Have a look at how the challenge has transformed women's mindsets towards their health and fitness

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